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Krazy Kosci Klimb is a unique event hosted by Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) and run every year in February. Since the event started over 12 years ago it has engaged over 1,100 corporate partners and members of the community helping over 165 young people with cerebral palsy achieve the unimaginable of reaching the summit of Australia’s highest peak.

The sponsorship and the funds raised by the teams go towards supporting the Sports Program at Cerebral Palsy Alliance which offers sporting camps to young people with a disability at no or little cost to their families.  The funds raised will also support the purchase of customised gym equipment for the accessible gym. 

The Krazy Kosci Klimb provides a unique team building opportunity for corporate partners to engage with their colleagues, our clients and their families, and experience the challenges that they face on a daily basis.

Sponsorship of a Krazy Kosci Team

As a Team Sponsor of the event you are actively and positively impacting the lives of people with a disability. The event involves the challenge of helping your lead participant to climb to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko and leading up to the event fundraising to support the Sports Program at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Each team consists of  up to 9 people - one lead participant with disability with their three family members,  a CPA team leader and four team members from the corporate sponsor.

Your teams involvement will commence approximately 6 months before the actual climb when they meet the rest of their team and they will start the journey of connection, practice walks and fundraising.

Your company will play a key support role in a truly empowering experience.  

Why Sponsor a Team

Socially responsible companies know how important it is to get staff involved in giving back to the community. 

The Krazy Kosci Klimb is an amazing team building exercise and gives your staff the opportunity to practice effective leadership and develop a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

We also offer other Sponsorship Opportunities for companies that would like to be involved in the event on a higher level with branding and engagement opportunities. 

What our Corporate Sponsors said about Sponsoring the Krazy Kosci Klimb

Multiplex came on board a few years ago and each year I’d see the photos and hear the stories and think ‘Wow, I want to be a part of that’! This year I got a chance and wasn’t disappointed. 

The chance to connect with your colleagues and do something together to make a difference is really valuable. I made connections with people I wouldn’t ordinarily work with day to day, and we achieved something great together. There’s a great sense of teamwork and pride that comes with being involved.

Natalie, National Communications Manager, Multiplex

As an organisation, we decided to participate in the Krazy Kosci Klimb because we wanted to contribute to something larger than IT for Cerebral Palsy Alliance. I personally wanted to join the team for a number of reasons – I have worked closely with CPA for years now and grown close to the staff and importantly to your cause. I have never in my life done anything like this before, I mean I have supported charities but to connect with a family who on a daily basis is touched with CP, walk up one of our greatest mountains, with my colleagues and do it all for an amazing cause – why wouldn’t I get out of my comfort zone and contribute! If we all participate in some small way, we can reach an greater outcome.

Nevien, Enterprise Engagement Lead, Nexon 

To corporates, Krazy Kosci is definitely a worthwhile event to get involved in. It truly highlights the amazing work that CPA does. You go through highs and lows with the families as you climb to the summit, and to be a part of that is truly life-changing. 

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Anna, National Manager of Community and Sustainability, Clayton Utz

Join us for an experience that is guaranteed to give you more than you ever expected.

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