Frequently Asked Questions

What support will be provided in the lead up to the event?

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The Krazy Kosci Klimb is a journey that commences five months prior to the event. During this time we hold two team support meetings and the 'Lap around the Bay' training session for all climbers to assist you in getting ready for the challenge.

The first meeting will be held online in October. The second will be held at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance head office at Allambie Heights in January 2025 and and it is expected that all teams attend both of these meetings (If location does not allow there will be an online option). The Lap around the Bay will be held in December 2024 in Sydney. 

In addition to a comprehensive overview of the event and what you can expect, we will provide you with training tips on getting fit and ready to take on the challenge, as well as support in helping you with your fundraising.

There will be regular emails from the event team and there is an event manager that you can contact anytime should you have any questions or need assistance.

How much am I expected to fundraise?

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Fundraising is part of the challenge and you will be raising money to enable the event and in support of the Sports Program at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. 

Every participant and team are set a nominal goal and is able to change this themselves based on what is achievable. 

We appreciate your support and without your fundraising this event would not be possible. Aim high!

Can I bring an extra family/team member?

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If you would like to bring an extra family member or team member over and above the team limit you can put in a request to the Event Manager.  Availability is dependent on venue capacity. There may be a cost for extra members. 

If you have any questions please contact the Events Manager.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

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If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our Krazy Kosci Klimb Event Manager, Mary via:

Email: or 

Or fill in the online form here

Can I bring my RaceRunner Running Bike or other walking aid to use on the mountain?

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You are more than welcome to bring a race runner or other walking aid however they are not suitable for a lot of the climb due to the terrain. Often participants have used it over the start & finish line. Can be left at basecamp and we’d have it ready for the last finish line leg.

Can I use my own wheelchair?

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Electric wheelchairs are not permitted on the mountain and standard ones are not suitable. If you have indicated that you will require a wheelchair, we will provide you with an all-terrain wheelchair. This will be available from November 2024.