Team Leader Information

We are currently accepting EOIs for Team Leaders. Please click here to submit your interest! We will be in touch by August / September regardless of if you are successful. 

If you are selected to be a Team Leader for the Krazy Kosci Klimb you will have an amazing experience and enjoy getting to know one of CPA's client and family.

As a team leader you will be working with a team of around 8 people other than yourself.  Your team will consist of a lead participant (client with cerebral palsy or similar) and 3 family/friends of the lead participant and 4 people from the team sponsor.

Each year we accept up to 16 teams to participate in the Krazy Kosci Klimb


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be a Team Leader?

To be team leader you need to be a permanent full-time or part-time employee of CPA. 

What is the selection process?

Once you have registered your interest on the website a selection committee goes through all the applications and 16 team leaders are selected.

What does a team leader do?

In the lead up to the climb (October - February)

  • Attend two team meetings organised by the Event Manager (October & January)
  • Engagement with team starts in September before the first team meeting 
  • Attend an official practice walk with your team in December
  • Liaise regularly with your team
  • Actively contribute to planning/attending meetings and practice walks with team
  • Working with the Fundraising Team, motivate team to fundraise and delegate tasks where necessary
  • Assist team with fundraising ideas and implementation
  • Be a positive role model and lead by example
  • Work with the team to achieve objectives of the Krazy Kosci Klimb
  • Be a link between team and Event Manager to ensure your team have all the information and any questions answered
  • Have fun, it is a wonderful experience!


At the Event (7 February - 9 February 2025)

  • Join your team at meal time and at briefings in Jindabyne
  • Keep people safe by providing a duty of care to all participants – monitor and report risks/hazards
  • Positively encourage participants during the climb
  • Ensure all team member’s safety and well-being is monitored.
  • Provide first aid if required
  • Ensure team members follow Standard Operating Procedures if lead participant needs assistance up and down the mountain
  • Ensure all team members are checked in at all Checkpoints

Most importantly have fun!

What do I have to pay for?

Accommodation and meals will be provided at the Jindabyne Sport & Recreation Centre on the Friday & Saturday night.  All meals will be provided at this location.

Do I have to put in Annual Leave request for the Friday?

As this is a company event,  CPA records the Friday as a work day if this is your regular work day.

Do I get Time off in Lieu for being a team leader?

The team leader role is a volunteer role so no TOIL will be given for any days

How do I get to Jindabyne?

Travelling to and from Jindabyne is your responsibility. If you have a company car as part of your package you use that car to drive down to Jindabyne.  Most team leaders carpool with other team leaders that do have a company car or borrow a pool car.