Risi Family

We're taking part in the Krazy Kosci Klimb!

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for people living with cerebral palsy to reach the top of Australia! 

We would love to have your support.

Your support of the Krazy Kosci Klimb will provide essential funding for the Accessible Gym and Sports Program at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

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Our Krazy Kosci Journey

Our Krazy Kosci Klimb as Team Franny-Cino

Next year my family and I are taking part in the Krazy Kosci Klimb! 

In February 2020 we will reach the top of Australia.  

Our team made up of Adrian, Adele, Stefano, Francesca, myself and Goldie, supported by volunteers from Mulitplex; Ellena, Ben, Paul and Brendan who have given up their time to help Francesca get to the top of Mount Kosciusko. 

To guide and lead us is our team leader Dyranda from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. 

Francesca has a rare condition genetic mutation called ADCY5. This causes low muscle tone, difficulty with fine motor skills and has confined her to a wheelchair. 

Earlier this year there was a discovery that patients with ADCY5 noticed a significant increase in muscle tone and sometimes even mobility simply by taking caffeine. Francesca has been taking coffee since July 2019, which in fact sparked our team name Franny-Cino

Coffee has helped Francesca with her fine motor skills, her alterness, her dribbling and speech, as well has even taken a few steps unaided! 

We hope you can support Frannny-Cino in her KrazyKosci Klimb as Cerebral Palsy Alliance has supported us in the past. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Marina D’agruma


Kit Poon

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." —Thomas Alba Edison Go Francesca go........


Maria & Vince Ruggiero

Good luck Team Francesca


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You can do this team Francesca


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Go Team Francesca!!


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Go Team Francesca..!! 💕💕💕


Annamaria Germani

Go Francesca!


Site Pizza Bars

Go team francesca and good luck from team Site pizza bar


The Briglia’s ?

Good luck guys.... we Are climbing with you in Spirit so proud of you Francesca & the Team.. 💞


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Thank you all for participating to our Christmas Raffle!


Jenna Kemp

Always such an inspiration! Good Luck!


Frank Como

Good luck Francesca. We are very proud of you!. Frank, Kristy, Claudia, Marcus & Oliver xx


Casa Italia

Great work, good luck and wishing you all the best...!!



Go Francesca!


Strathfield One Stop Child Care Service


Neltaria Macarounas

Go Francesca !


Adrian Risi


Peter And Marta Meszaros

All the best Franny-Cino, we know you will be successful in your quest. X




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Terese Bellis

Cheering for Franny-Cino all the way! Good luck! Xx