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2023 Participants

Avalon Chambers

Avalon Chambers

11-year-old Avalon is known – in her mum’s words – as a “total butt kicker!”. Largely because she’s full of life and rises to every challenge.  

Avalon is a fun-loving girl with a huge belly laugh who loves school, writing, playing Roblox, wheelchair sports camp, and is inspired by music. Disney movie The Descendants resonate with Avalon, with their message “to truly embrace who you are no matter what! People did not expect much from them. Instead, they showed how to be kind and caring and to never judge a book by its cover.” 

Avalon’s greatest achievement is taking her first steps. She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to tackle the ultimate challenge - the Krazy Kosci Klimb. She can't wait to make a difference and give back to Cerebral Palsy Alliance who have supported her since she was one year old. Mum Kristie describes Avalon as her ‘miracle baby’. Avalon was born 10 weeks premature with a deadly infection, which resulted in a bilateral brain injury and a diagnosis of Spastic triplegia cerebral palsy.  

Avalon continues to defy all odds and is already in training by walking around her local park, motivated by her playlist; The Descendants soundtrack, Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix. She can’t wait to cross the finish line at Kosci and have heaps of fun along the way! 

“Never stop chasing your dreams, because you never know, they might just come true.” Avalon

Chanel Falaniko

Chanel is an 11 year old super star who is always on the move – she loves bowling, the movies, swimming, shopping, hanging out with her family and going on vacations! But most of all, Chanel loves to have fun. She’s well known for being cheeky and making everyone laugh.  

Chanel has three big dreams: to become a singer, to appear on Broadway and to walk unassisted. She also participated in the global fundraising initiative STEPtember as a trainer/ambassador.  

After sustaining brain damage 2 weeks after birth, Chanel was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. She’s defied the odds doctors predicted for her future and she doesn’t let her disability stop her, she’s strong, resilient and pushes herself to reach her goals.  

Chanel is ready for her next challenge of taking on the Krazy Kosci Klimb. No stranger to training after participating in STEPtember, she’s been listening to her favourite singer, Billy Ellish to stay motivated.  

If Chanel could have one superpower it would be to have speed. She has incredible strength and resilience, and with a big cheer squad behind her she can achieve anything. Chanel’s family consists of three brothers and a twin sister. Her grandparents are her biggest inspiration; always there to support her, they’ve taught her to never ever give up. 

Bailey Doroszak

Bailey has been part of Cerebral Palsy Alliance for most of his life and can’t wait to take up the challenge of the Krazy Kosci Klimb! Here’s Bailey’s story in his own words:

I am 15 years old and ever since I heard of the Krazy Kosci Klimb I have been so keen to get into it for this new challenge to conquer.

I struggle with having CP as it makes me different from others. I have low muscle tone, which basically means that it is harder for me to do things with my body. but I can still do everyday things and it doesn’t stop me doing the things I love.

I have been part of Cerebral Palsy Alliance for most of my life since I got diagnosed with it, my brother has CP as well. I have 4 siblings and live with my mum on weekdays and dad on weekends.

I love school so much mainly because I get to see my mates but also because I love having something to do. My most memorable achievement is an academic award that I received. I hope to become a mechanical engineer one day and create something crazy and never before seen.

I want to participate in the Kosci Klimb because I like setting challenges then completing them. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to really challenge myself. I will be preparing for the day by doing a wide range of different cardio and training to make sure I’m ready. I also do regular physio.

If I could give one message to a person that’s reading this right now it’s this:

"Don’t let things stop you and try new things. I have my difficulties but it doesn’t let me stop myself from doing things that I love and want to do."

Trai Askew

16-year-old Sydneysider Trai can’t wait to take up the Krazy Kosci Klimb challenge. Here’s what he has to say about himself and the lead up to the big day:

My name is Trai. I live with my family of 7 in Sydney. I’m really sociable and love music. In my free time I like playing gaming consoles (Nintendo Switch), trainspotting, exploring new places around Sydney, and cruising. My dream is to be able to work in Transport NSW one day.

I am really looking forward to reaching the highest peak in Australia: Mt Kosciusko. My therapist Renee encouraged me to participate in the Krazy Kosci Klimb because she said it would set a good challenge for me. And I couldn’t agree more! What I also find rewarding is that the event raises a heap load of money to support other children like me with disabilities. I have asymmetric diplegic Cerebral Palsy, which mainly affects the lower limbs of the body, specifically the legs, hips and feet.

In preparation for the climb, I’ve been participating in race running sessions once a week and fortnightly gym sessions at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Chloe, my race running coach inspires me to dig deep and keep going when the training gets tough. What also motivates me is having a great music playlist.

I have been supported by Cerebral Palsy Alliance since I was 16 months old and feel like part of the family. I have received physiotherapy from Sally, Eliza, Renee and Maree. Over the years, I have also had support from my exercise physiologist, Erika along with occupational therapy, plus I’ve done swimming programs, and psychology. The whole team are amazing including: Fairlie, Jess, Erika, Anna, Will, Matt, Sue, Lauren, Yuki and PK to name a few! I would like to thank each one of these people who have supported me so far.

One message that I would send to people reading my story is: "please support those living with cerebral palsy."

India Simpson

18 year old India can’t wait to tackle the Krazy Kosci Klimb. She’s already in training, getting inspired by her Pink! playlist and friend Mickey, the Co-Founder of Krazy Kosci Klimb.

India’s family are her biggest cheerleaders and the whole family are super sporty; both her parents have climbed Mount Kosci and they train for ultra-marathons. Despite having right side hemiplegia cerebral palsy, India recently completed a 11 km run with her dad. She’s always been committed to exercise, having benefited from various therapies with Cerebral Palsy Alliance from a young age and she enjoys challenging herself. Whenever she doesn’t feel like training she gets empowered to keep going by listening to country music.

India loves singing and dancing and recently won a dance award. Her dream is to become an early childhood teacher, so she can give something back and help children enjoy school as much as she did, achieve their dreams and be the best version of themselves.

India’s philosophy is “always have confidence in your ABILITY, you can achieve a lot more than you think.”

Past Participant's Achievements

Mali Lovell 

Mali has been part of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance since she was 9 years old, and is now almost 18.

She has been involved in a number of Cerbral Palsy Alliance's sporting programs across the years, has completed her school work-experience with us, and most recently signed up to be a volunteer during our School Holiday Programs. Mali participated in the Krazy Kosci Klimb with her family in 2019

Mali has excelled  in athletics with thanks to the confidence she gained attending sports programs held by Cerebral Palsy Alliance. She has been busy breaking Australian Records – What a Woman! At the Innaugrual 2021 Festival of Athletics in Townsville, Mali broke the Australian Open and U20 Record in the T36 200m with a time of 31.73 seconds.

To put this into perspective, the qualifying time for the Tokyo 2020/21 Paralympics is 31.60 (Group B) and 30.45 (Group A). 

We are so incredibly proud of Mali, not only in her sporting achievements, but also in her school, work and life achievements. Mali has our support and we’ll be cheering for her at the 2024 Paralympics when she achieves her sporting goal of competing for Australia at the Paralympics! Peter King, Manager Sports Development, CPA

Felix Bennett

One of the inaugural Krazy Kosci Klimb participants, Felix Bennett is an Allambie Seals swimming squad member. Felix swims Freestyle and Backstroke, and holds State and Australian short and long course records for several age groups. Felix’s journey from first getting in the water as a six month old baby to holder of several Australian records has been full of hard work and plenty of support and Cerebral Palsy Alliance has been there every step of the way.

Each week Felix participates in Aquafitness classes, the Allambie Seals Swim Squad and completes a regular gym maintenance program created by Cerebral Palsy Alliance exercise physiologists.

In 2016, two year after his Krazy Kosci Klimb Felix qualified for the Australian swim team to compete at the World Cerebral Palsy Games in August. Not satisfied with one gold medal, Felix made a clean sweep bringing home three gold medals in the 50m and 100m freestyle and the 50m backstroke.

"I believe Felix and his family achnowledge that his development has been positively affected by all his sports. Swimming has been a key part of his life since he was small and it's nice to see Felix getting such an international opportunity after all the meetings, training and swim meets the Bennett family have been to."

Head Coach - Lauren Hansen, CPA