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My Krazy Kosci Klimb Experience
October 9, 2017

Before the Climb

I found out about the Krazy Kosci Klimb through Ignition which is a Mentoring Program which aims to bring young people’s abilities to life through the support of ING Direct and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. This led me to have the opportunity of a lifetime working with ING Direct as my Corporate Sponsor and as a result of working together as one team, we managed to raise $36,000.

Our fundraising journey including activities such as a Muffin Sale at ING Direct in the city at Sussex Street as well as a few weeks later a Sausage Sizzle at ING Direct in Tuggerah and then at their Head office in Sydney. All of them were awesome events and really showed the generosity of the ING Direct team.

We also had a fundraiser at our local coffee shop, where a dollar from every coffee sold on went towards our effort to raise money for the Krazi Kosci Klimb.  This was all thanks to our local coffee shop, The Ground at the Grove, which is an up and coming coffee shop chain.  

AMP Capital North Sydney and FivePoint Burgers also supported us with another coffee drive as well as hosting a Christmas morning tea event where all proceeds from the Gingerbread cookies were donated.

We then had the biggest of all fundraisers, which was an Auction and Fundraiser Dinner at Meet the Greek at Brighton Le Sands which is known for the best Greek food in Sydney. The event was hosted by CB Real Estate Southwest Sydney with their Managing Director the MC and Auctioneer for the night they also generously donated items which were auctioned on the night.   All said and done we raised $15,000 on this night which was nearly half of the money raised in total which was a big part of our success.

My school which is Thomas Hassall Anglican College also supported me greatly with Krazi Kosci Klimb and attended the Fundraising Dinner along with hosting a Sausage Sizzle and Snow Cone Store is otherwise known as the Sizzle and Snow for Kosci.  

Big thanks to Onsport who supported a Christmas raffle we had running before Christmas with the  first prize being a Wahu Pool Pack worth $300 as well as 2nd prize thanks to Fitness First for a Platinum membership

So how did we train for this event?  We did a number of things.  It was not too hard to train for this event as most of us were pretty fit.  Having said this, we still had to do a fair amount of training in order to be ready to climb one of the Seven Summits of the World and the highest point in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko.  Each team member was training at home as well as in the lead up to the climb the team would meet weekly in the city at ING Head Office where whoever could make it went for a big walk around the city.

On The Day

So before we knew it, the climb had come around so on Friday my family and I jumped in the car and made our 3-hour track by car to Jindabyne Sport and Recreation Centre where we stayed on Friday and Saturday night. When we arrived, we unpacked our car and relaxed for a while then we went to dinner where we had a briefing on the day ahead or should be I say the 6-hour climb up Mount Koski and what to expect.

The day is finally here, we woke up at around 6 am in the morning ready to climb Mount Koski.  We meet up with our teammates from ING Direct for breakfast like we have with every meal. Then it was the day we have been wetting for 3 months. The team all headed up to the mountain by car to Charlottes Pass where we started our walk to the top of Mount Koski, after stretching of course.

So at 8:30 am, we were off to the top of Mount Koski, we had checkpoints along the way so at about 2.5 km in we reached our first checkpoint where it had a Hawaii theme as well as having snacks for us to have.  Once we were done we were off again to the sounds of laughter and chatter for another 2 km of walking after a while at the 4.5 km mark we then came to our next checkpoint which was an Italian themed stand where it had more lollies, chips and of course fruit.   We were off into the mountains this is when the air started to get thinner and boy did we start to feel it and it started to take its toll. We actually started to slow down a bit but we finally got to the third checkpoint which was an FBI themed checkpoint with more snacks to fill us up. Then we were off to the summit but not before we had a whole lot of baked treats, delicious! Then we were off to the top of Mount Koski where it was very windy and cold, but I didn't care because I WAS AT THE TOP OF AUSTRALIA. Where I literally got to stand on the highest point in Australia or should I say rock.  After my team and I enjoyed being at the top and taking some photos we descended to base camp.  At the 1 km mark, I really started to get tired, but I kept going but had to keep stopping to rest but my teammates were singing team chants and supporting me to continue on, they totally rocked!  Then at the last 100 metres, I got a second wind and ran to the finish line.  We were greeted by what felt like hundreds of people cheering and high fiving us and then got to have a well-deserved sausage sizzle and drink.  

We headed back to our accommodation where we had a small rest and at night time we had a massive celebration party, dancing, eating and being merry with our teammates and other climbers.  We were carving up the dance floor with our dance moves.  The following morning we had breakfast and then one last photo opportunity before we sadly had to say goodbye and headed off on the long drive back to Sydney.

I enjoyed every moment of my Krazi Kosci Klimb, from fundraising to training with my team and of course the amazing walk itself, to the top of Australia, our highest point, Mount Kosci.

By Christian Georgallis

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