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Run Kellys Run!

raised of $5,000 goal

Hello everyone - my name is Doug Kelly

I am a teenager with cerebral palsy (CP) and I'm training to climb Mt Kosciuszko with fellow CP friends. I want to do this climb as I'm trying to get my parents to let me walk to school by myself. If I can climb a mountain, surely I can get to school on my own!

We are raising money for a new gym at Cerebral Palsy Alliance so people with CP can use a gym designed to help them become more independent and increase their self esteem - and my dream is to be a paralympian soccer player and discus thrower.

Please donate to Cerebral Palsy Alliance so we can make this dream come true - thanks, Doug

December 5, 2017
walking on the treadmill for the Krazi Kosci climb
December 5, 2017
Walking around the block for the Krazy Kosci climb
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