Team Shari

We're taking part in the Krazy Kosci Klimb!

My name is Shari Durbidge and in February 2019 I will take on the challenge of getting to the top of Mt Kosciuszko to raise funds for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. I was diagnosed with CP at 9 weeks of age. My condition is classed as Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. Due to my prognosis I was told I would never walk or talk so therefore I am wheelchair bound. I am very fortunate to have always received the loving support of my beautiful family, Mum, Dad, Jasmine, Talia and Joel. They are to this day still an integral part of my life. Due to the amazing support I received I have always been included is every thing possible such as; horse riding, jet-skiing, surfing and many other activities. My family has always ensured I never miss out on anything. As a result of this I am able to lead an amazing, fulfilled, healthy and meaningful life.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity for myself and family to be a part of the Krazy Kosci Klimb as family is everything to me. I will also have the support of the wonderful Ord Minnet team of which I am very fortunate to be connected with due to my brother meeting Micheal on an Everest Base Camp trek for CP.

This event means a lot to me as it gives me the opportunity to raise funds for the CP Alliance who have been a huge assistance throughout my life. I hope these funds grant people like myself the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. I have the greatest respect for the organisation and the work that they do. I hope my participation will inspire others and help them see that anything is possible.

Please everyone get behind us to raise funds for this incredible organisation.

We're fundraising for Cerebral Palsy Alliance

We're taking part in the Krazy Kosci Klimb! A once in a lifetime opportunity for people living with cerebral palsy to reach the top of Australia! 

We'd love to have your support.

Your support of the Krazy Kosci Klimb will provide essential funding for the Accessible Gym and Sports Program at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Michael Donovan



Good Luck


Diana Walker

Shari, you're such an inspiration! You've always been so positive & supportive of everyone around you, now it's time we can all give back to the organisation that helps support you :)


Natacha Rooney

You're such an inspiration Shari, have a wonderful adventure!


Calum Foulis

You rock little Durbo, love you.


Amanda Perry


Therese Kershaw

Wow! Amazing adventure! So Proud of You! I’m sure Jas and your family are supporting you all the way too! Truly Inspiring Shari 💜😊


Stuart Pearce

Good luck Shari it will be such a great journey.


Bre Hicks

Sending love and power from Canada! from what I have heard from Talia, Sharis great strength and tenacious spirit will take her to great lengths! May she continue to inspire those near and far!



Good luck. I know your sister Jas will be there to support u. U go girl xx