Team Harrison

We're fundraising for Cerebral Palsy Alliance

We're taking part in the Krazy Kosci Klimb! A once in a lifetime opportunity for people living with cerebral palsy to reach the top of Australia! 

We'd love to have your support.

Your support of the Krazy Kosci Klimb will provide essential funding for the Accessible Gym and Sports Program at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Thank you to our Sponsors



Team Harrison Sponsorship


Granma And Grandad Blacksell

Go Harry!


Caitlan And Kai Hatley

Harry, it is a delight to see your gorgeous smiling face when I come to Cranleigh to pick up my son Kai. You are an incredible boy and we would love to support your mission anyway we can! Good Luck xx


Ulrike Troitzsch

Go, Harrison, go! Enjoy the view from the top!!


Gary Rake

Like Yoda says: Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you? And well you should not. For my ally is the force and a powerful ally it is!


Jamie Austin

GO HARRY!!!! We all support you 100% and wish you all the very best for the big challenge ahead - you’re a champion­čść


Dad & Mum Wijayapala

If you must continue to hike up mountains, we are glad you are doing it for this beautiful young man.


Stormtrooper Shehara

Moving over from the Dark Side to join you, Harry Skywalker!


Country 2 City Metal Roofing

Good luck guys, you’ve got this!!! So inspirational :)



Great work Harrison and Andy


Morag Morrish

Harry and family...may the force be with you as you do your epic climb...good luck everyone and have lots of fun!


Patrick Bent


Jen Brown

I wish you all the very best on this amazing adventure.




Anatoli Lightfoot


Cheryl Camp


Gabrielle Payne


Patricia Onton


Lynn Hart

Harry you are a legend with a great smile and big heart. Enjoy the climb. Lynn


Geoff Jameson

good luck Harry you can do it


David Creelman


Monique Ceccato

Climb little Harry, climb!


Anita Madhoo

Good luck to you all! Lots of love Anita xx




Kieran Chowdry

Good luck with the walk, team!