Kulk Family

We're taking part in the Krazy Kosci Klimb!

Our team

Mika, Pim, Sara, Jessica and Oliver. 

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for people living with cerebral palsy to reach the top of Australia! 

We would love to have your support.

Your support of the Krazy Kosci Klimb will provide essential funding for the Accessible Gym and Sports Program at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Our Krazy Kosci Journey

We did it!

What a fantastic event! After an early alarm, quick brekky and drive up to Charlotte Pass, Team Mika set out just after 0700 as the first team to depart. Encouraged by the brilliant volunteers and organising staff of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Mika was in brilliant form, determined to walk unassisted for long stretches of the climb. For those sections that were too steep or uneven, Mika in the wheelchair was pushed and pulled up the mountain by three equally determined team members.

The themed checkpoints served as short rest stops with selections of sweets, fruit and entertainment by the volunteers. All six children in the team, our three and their cousins were showing impressive stamina, enthusiasm and determination.

Once on the summit, the views were spectacular with clear views in every direction. An early lunch before the hike downhill where we passed the other fabulous teams on their way to the summit.

Once the finish line was within an easy 500 metres, Mika started running, unable to contain her excitement and unwaivering enthusiasm. What an emotional and inspirational finish to a beautiful hike.

That evening we celebrated over dinner and Mika received a medal and certificate. Her words as she returned to the table, "This is my first ever medal". She showed no signs of losing energy as she hit the dance floor after dinner! 

Thank you to our corporate sponsor, Chadwick Real Estate and all the fabulous volunteers and staff of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Also, a big thank you to those that have supported our team. There is still time to donate and help the Alliance with their accessible gym and sports program. https://www.krazykosciklimb.com.au/fundraisers/kulkfamily/krazy-kosci-klimb


It's almost upon us.

The Kulk's are getting really excited now. Just over 2 weeks left to go to the epic 18km trek across Australia's highest mountain range. We have increased our fundraising target to $3000 and the generous donations from family, friends and co-workers thusfar has been awesome.

We've raised our fundraising target!

We have already received fantastic support from family and friends and raised over $1000. 

The Kulk family would like to thank all our sponsors thus far. It is now our aim to double our fundraising for the incredible Cerebral Palsy Alliance and all people living with this disability.

We are looking forward to the Krazy Kosci Klimb and will keep all our sponsors updated on our progress.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Your Loving Family In Israel ?

Dear Kulk family You are an amazing family! We are pleased to be with you in this special project. We love you very much and are proud of Mika From your loving family in Israel πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• ( אמא ואבא, ΧžΧ©Χ€Χ—Χ•Χͺ ΧžΧ Χ©Χ”, Χ©Χ•Χ ΧžΧ™ Χ•Χ€ΧœΧ“ )


David Roberts

Good Luck!


The Heming Family

Go Mika and family! You are all amazing! We wish you all the very best :) From Colin, Yuki, Lucas and Misato xx


Kelly Mitchell

Good luck with your Krazy Klimb! Kelly x (from Zumba!)


Familie Van Kuijen


Kane Waldron

This is such a fantastic opportunity for your family. Hope your have great Klimb. Thank you for giving us a chance to support this great charity.


Lisa Townsend

You guys are awesome. Well done on the climb.


Steven Cateris

You're lucky - I found a copy of 'The Bush Telegraph Weekly,' 14 February 2019, which had an article about you, on the train. I've sent out messages via Google Plus and Twitter encouraging others to donate. Congratulations on climbing Mount Koscioszko!


Mrs Wadling

Can't wait to see photos of you all on top of Australia!!!!


Aki Murao-lewis

Well done all of you!!!πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


Vicki Popplewell

Good luck Pim. x


Christina Noble

Great job Kulk Family! Have fun on the big klimb!


Bron Dobeson

You have set yourself quite a challenge! Good luck and have fun .


Kaveri Sequeira

Good luck with the climb


Derk Dammers


Matt, Sarah And Charlie Parnell

Go Team Kulk!


Peppa Harder

Good Luck, have and can’t wait to hear how you go!


Duncan Boyle

Go Ewoud


Rob Cottrell

Good luck. See if you can fit any 'long jumps' in along the way. Happy adventures.



What an amazing thing to do.


Christine Watt

good luck!


Ewoud Kulk

We will support you to the hilt Mikoush.


Roberto Tarrats

Vamos Mika!!


Michael Iacono

Go Guys... Reach the Top !


Jose Visser

This from Jose Visser, paid by me for her.


Paul Ranford


Daniel Kulk

Mikoushhhhhhhhhhhh! 😍😍 Kulk’s in Nottingham



I hope you have fun in reaching your goal


Tracey Ormsby

Wishing you a fun & rewarding adventure for a very good cause. All our love The Ormsby family. Tracey, Matthew, Jakob, Austin & Honey xxxxx


The Van Der Heiden Family

Good luck & happy climbing to you all πŸ˜Šβ›°


Sophie Van Genugten

Go Mika! You're amazing! Enjoy and good luck :) Lots of love from Silke, Finn, Sophie and Bas


Derick Borean

Best wishes to team Kulk - and particular good luck to Ewoud - may the hills of PGC be fertile training grounds!


Felicity Degotardi



Best Wishes Kulk Family!


Nick And Anita Von Korff

Go Mika and family!


Benjamin Shirley

I think your awesome... cheers ben


Tim Buckett

Good luck!


Djuro Bandur

Good luck to all participating .


Michelle Bowden

Well done Mika! You are an inspiration to all who meet you. Great job. Love from Bentley & Harley


Wideview Public School

Mufti Day at Wideview for Mika's Krazy Klimb!


Andre Deubel

go Team Kulk !!


Karina & Steve Smith & Family


Alison G De Araujo

Go Kulks! Enjoy!


Green Box Removals

Kosciusko πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜οΈ


Ela Krawczyk

Go Mika!!!


Serge, Amy, Zoe, Anouk & Rocco

Have a great climb!


Brook Rushton

Go Team Kulk!


Justin Brickle


Monique & Tamara

Go Mika! You are one very strong young girl


Corrie Hassan

What a fab thing to do!! Good luck xx


Jodi Sea

Go Pim and Sara!!! You girls rocked, sensational and truly inspiring!!!!


John Osmond

Go Mika!


Cameron, Belinda, Amber & James Lee

All the best for your climb!


Kulk Family


Danuta Lysien

Good luck Mika!


Top Techs Management Group

Go you Krazy Kulks! Send pics from the top of Australia please :) Big hugs Karen & Liz xx


Ben Plant

Go you good things! ;) Xb


Oren&betty Menashe

Dear Kulk Family, we admire your mental strength. Hope you will have a magnificent journey. Love you constantly🀩


Ray Carless

Its a long way to the top, but for a great cause I know you will do it.